Ligue 1, Championship in France

The new football season of the French Championship 1st Ligue has began on the August 7th 2015. 1st Football League (Ligue 1, formerly known as Division 1) in France consists of 20 clubs in Paris, Reims, Rennes, Angers, Lyon, Bastia, Saint-Etienne, Nantes, Caen, Bordeaux, Nice, Lille, Monaco, Toulouse, Marseille, Guingamp, Troyes, Lorient, Montpellier and Ajaccio.

Ligue 2, Championship in France

Our favorite team - ETG F.C.  (Évian Thonon Gaillard Football Club), is a French association football club based in Thonon-les-Bains that was founded on 1 July 2007, representing the department in France Upper Savoy and currently plays in Ligue 2. ETG FC will be playing  this season 2015-2016 in the 2nd Ligue  in the town of Annecy, Upper Savoy, Rhône-Alpes. is a true fan of ETG F.C. for several years. never missed a game of our team  at the stadium Parc des Sports  in Annecy  for the 5 years!
To watch and cheer for ETG - is a special emotion. ETG is a team which made a fantastic break through to the high leagues of France, and now continues to surprise their fans with its fantastic game. This team is able to beat the best teams in France!
During the 2013-2014 season, our team has won the matches against big teams like Paris Saint-Germain, Monaco, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier and many others  ...
In 2013, ETG fought the French Cup final against Bordeaux.
The training of our team is held in cities such as Thonon and Evian, which are located on the beautiful shores of Lake Geneva.
Even so, we have value and respect all of the players in our favourite team, nevertheless we have our own preferences, which we would like to share with you – they are Danish players. Among them are Christian Poulsen, Daniel Waltz, Zhesper Hansen. The official colour of the team jersey for the home games is pink, which is the range of colors of our team sponsor ETG (Evian Thonon Gaillard), an international company Danone.
Come to our fabulous city of Annecy and you can personally visit and enjoy all of its attractive sides, as well as exciting football matches at its stadium Parc des Sports d'Annecy.

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